Our Guarantee

Our mission is your satisfaction

This means, you having a fantastic experience and receiving a strong value for your investment. Our guarantee is simple, we will do everything we need to do to achieve this mission.

To make this possible we:
1. Identify your needs and expectations
2. Present one or more solutions that meets your needs and expectations
3. Secure your approval
4. Deliver

If we deviate from our agreed scope we will take corrective actions and meet our commitments; this includes addressing any variances on quality, price, lead-time, or on-time delivery.

Our warranty terms

Handyman Services

Labor: 1 year (365 days)
Equipment: we transfer the manufacturer's warranty, which is normally one year. If there are longer warranty terms we will transfer them as applicable.

Remodels and modernizations
Labor: 1 year (365 days)
Equipment: Depends on manufacturer and type of equipment; starts typically at one year.

Extended warranty terms are available as an option.

What if something goes wrong after the warranty period?

Normally, a job that doesn't meet high quality standards will show it very quickly; therefore, in the unlikely event that a quality issue arises you will be protected by a valid warranty.

We act responsibly though; if the quality of our workmanship is not consistent with our agreed-upon solution we will take corrective actions at our cost, even after the warranty period expires.

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