Breathe Better Air

Purer Air

Remove harmful elements:

- Viruses and bacteria.

- Mold and decay.

- Pollen and allergens.

Different technologies exist to ensure that your indoor air is maintained within healthy conditions

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Cleaner Air

Capture airborne particles and other small matter typically present in homes and businesses:

- Dust particles.

- Dander.

- Fragments of degrading materials.

Incorporating solutions that remove these and other unwanted elements from your air stream

Fresher Air

Manage key air quality metrics, reduce pollutants and contaminants that include:

- Carbon dioxide (CO2).

- Relative humidity.

- Carbon monoxide (CO).

- Formaldehydes.

- Volatile organic compounds.

- Radon, asbestos, lead, other.

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Let Technology Work For You

We leverage leading-edge technologies to address each air quality element

  • Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO)
  • Ultra-Violet light (UV)
  • Ionization
  • Photo Hydro Ionization (PHI)
  • Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy (REME)
  • Super Oxides
  • Electro Static Precipitation (ESP)
  • Adsorbent Media
  • Fresh Air Ventilation (FA/ERV/HRV)
  • De/Humidification
  • Mechanical Filtration

Learn about some of the air quality solutions that incorporate these technologies

How to select the right solution

We can help, follow three simple steps

1. Assessment

We will perform a walk-through of your home/office, measure key IAQ parameters, evaluate your fresh air system, and humidity control system.

2. Recommendations

After the assessment we will present you a summary of our findings along with corrective actions recommended to improve your air quality.

3. Execution

With your approval we will execute the corrective actions of your choice. Optionally we can perform a second assessment and before/after comparison.

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