Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers for your questions!

ServiceBeaver is a family-owned provider of repair, maintenance, and renovation services for homes and businesses.  We deliver:

  • Air Conditioning services, including heating, cooling, ventilation, and indoor air quality.
  • Handyman services, but we take an extra step to cover your air conditioning and heating systems.
  • Light Plumbing services.
  • Light Electrical services.

We cover the entire DFW-A metroplex.

It depends by the type of services.  Some services are well defined and standard and are charged based on the scope.  Other projects are more customer-specific and require a site inspection to be properly estimated.

For certain jobs where duration is difficult to estimate we offer hourly services.  Our hourly rates vary by the type and complexity of work..

We also offer you the ability to engage us in an annual service agreement, which gives you priority service, a number of work-hours to cover any repair/maintenance needs at home (handyman only), and discounted services that fall out of the scope of the agreement.

There are many, some of the most common include:

– Air conditioning maintenance, repairs, and replacements
– Air conditioning indoor air quality assessments and improvements
– Repair or replace leaky faucets
– Install ceiling fans
– Perform minor paint jobs
– Repair, stain, finish wooden fences
– Perform maintenance or repairs in garage doors
– Apply professional-grade garage coating (epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartics)
– Assemble furniture
– Perform minor electrical fixes and repairs (light switches, plugs, etc.)

Great! we can help! There are several ways to engage us, you can call us on 817-944-4990, you can text us (SMS) on the same number, email at [email protected], or you can message us through the Contact page.  Please chose the option of your preference.  If you decide to communicate via email or text message please include pictures or videos of your project, that will be very helpful in providing a proposal.

We can also arrange an in-person visit for a better experience! to schedule the visit you can call us or use our Online Booking feature.

Yes, depending on the service; however, we stand behind all our work, if something is not to your satisfaction we will make it right!  See Our Guarantee page for more information.

The Texas Hub Certification is a Texas purchasing program to foster economic activity and development for businesses that fall in a certain criteria.  In 2020 we were officially included in this program under the identification number 1842550444800.

This certification may allow your organization to count your business with ServiceBeaver as MBE/SBE spend.

We know that with regular wear and tear our homes and businesses need constant maintenance.  It is common that throughout the year little repairs that may not prompt a repair call may accumulate.  To take care of these repairs we offer annual maintenance plans.  Under this program we will visit you a number of times per year and take care of all these small repairs.  For larger repairs you will enjoy a reduced rate or discounted services.  By being a maintenance agreement customer you also receive priority service on your regular maintenance calls, which is particular helpful during our busy seasons.

Yes! we carry commercial general liability policy with $1M per incident, $2M aggregate.  Certificate can be provided upon request.

Yes, we hold a combined Air Conditioning and Refrigeration combined license that covers Residential, Commercial, and Process cooling of any size.  Our license number is TACLA 84278C.
For other trades we partner with licensed professionals such as electrical and plumbing.

Yes, we do offer financing for residential projects.  Projects can be of any kind as long as they are for your primary residence.

Yes we do; however, we have limited manpower at this point and as a result our scope of services may be limited.  Our best availability is on duct cleaning, air vent cleaning, AC unit cleaning, and filter replacements.  We should expand our services in this area soon!

Our work is predominantly on existing homes and businesses; however, depending on your needs we may be able to help you.  Please contact us to understand your specific requirements and discuss what options we may have available.

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