Transform your bathroom


Upgrade, refresh, remodel…


Whether you wish to transform your bathroom, upgrade certain elements such as the vanity, toilet, lighting, or completely remodel it, we can help.

What are typical bathroom upgrades?

Most upgrades include replacement of one or multiple elements of the bathroom.  A frequent request is replacement of the vanity, typically for a different look and added functionality, storage capacity, and more.  Along with the replacement of the vanity is the replacement of the sink and faucets.  The combined replacement of vanity, sink, and faucet gives a whole new look to your bathroom.


Upgrades are typically enhancements with low to moderate investment.  An example is your sink and shower faucets.  After years of use its normal for all levers and plates to show wear.  Replacing them is an inexpensive way to bring back its past luster, and is an activity that in some cases you as homeowner could do 



Other typical enhancements include replacing toilets, adding shower glass doors, or replacing existing sliding framed doors with frameless doors.


What are typical remodels?

A bathroom upgrade can easily become a small remodel, and frequently, full bathroom remodels start as a smaller bathroom upgrades. 

A typical remodel is driven by functionality, basically the existing bathroom lacks features that owners need, which can be larger space, ease of access, safety, better visibility, and a combination of all.  Some typical remodels include:

  • Tub to shower conversion
  • Tub conversion, drop-in to free-standing
  • Shower expansion, including additional shower head and faucets
  • Elimination of tub and expanding storage space, creating a rest space, or expanding shower space 

Improving the appearance of your bathroom?

An important element and driver for bathroom remodeling is aesthetics, which is quite relevant indeed considering that our bathroom is an very unique -and personal- space in our homes.

Elements of the aesthetics of your bathroom remodel start with the overall look.  Will you want a modern look, contemporary, or more classic look? will you want a bright, well-lit, light-colored overall theme or a more subdued and perhaps relaxing theme?

Your choice of materials will also dictate the appearance and impact of your bathroom.  Marble will typically give a luxury touch to any bathroom, while wood-looking tile, stone shower flooring, and open shower will give a more casual and even resort-like appearance.

Whichever your preference we always recommend giving  yourself ample time to explore are view options and styles, to make sure that you arrive to a definitely yes decision in all your choices and we can build a bathroom that you will fully enjoy for years to come.

Bathroom remodeling, where to start?

When considering a bathroom remodel we always recommend our customers to review designs online and let ideas grow.  Since options are almost unlimited it can be daunting to narrow down all of them to your ideal choices, but a good checklist to start includes:

  1. What features are a must, what features are “nice to have”
  2. What is your preferred finish for walls and floors? ceramic, porcelain, granite, quartz are typical choices.  Stones are also becoming popular especially for shower floors.
  3. When selecting tile, what format size will you want? ranges go from small subway-tile size to extra-large formats (2’x4′).  Hint, larger formats typically go better with larger spaces; smaller formats typically go better with smaller spaces. 
  4. What color and finish will you want for your faucets?
  5. What safety elements would be appropriate to include? safety bars, seating areas, tile selection, lighting, anti-slip decals are typical considerations.  A suggestion regarding safety, think about your preferences today but consider anticipating future needs as well.
  6. How would you shower space look ideally? open access? sliding glass door? pivoting glass door? framed or frameless?
  7. What features would you like in your shower? standard shower head or multi-jet streams? will you want a shower niche (or two)? will you want a standard drain or a hidden drain?
  8. Lighting.  Is your current lighting enough, both in quantity and distribution? would light above your shower space be appropriate to include? or even a re-distribution?
  9. Storage.  Includes towel closets, vanities, floating shelves, and other storage solutions

An element to add to the above is code upgrades.  This relates to early construction that was built with older codes and that require design changes in order to meet newer code.  An example is bathroom exhaust; years ago it was typical to have natural ventilation to the outside or to the attic.  Currently, ventilation systems must exhaust to the outside with an appropriate duct system.  If your bathroom exhausts to the attic this ventilation system will need to be updated.

As you can see from the list above there are many considerations, which in the end will be your very personal choice.  Exploring and reviewing finished options online will greatly help you achieve your ideal design, and we will be happy to transform that design into a reality.  As previously mentioned, give yourself ample research time to ensure that you arrive at a design that you are truly happy with!


How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

Bathroom remodels vary in duration depending on the size, scope, and material availability.  Typical remodels last one to two weeks in execution, while standard materials lead time takes about two to three weeks.  As a result, a bathroom remodel can typically be completed three to five weeks after you have finalized your design choices and accepted our proposal.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

The cost to remodel a bathroom depends on too many factors to provide a narrow range, but we can provide some guidance based on prior projects.  

Tub to shower conversions typically range from $10K to $15K when using typical materials, designs, and options.  This range can expand when selecting very unique materials and designs.

Full bathroom remodels can range between $20K to $60K, which includes replacing floor, shower, tub, painting walls and/or ceiling, and replacing vanities and faucets.

Would like an estimate? let us know about your project by email, phone or using our contact form. Details at the bottom of this page.

How difficult is it to remodel a bathroom?

Complexity varies with the design.  Bathroom remodeling is not a project that we would recommend as a DIY project just because of the construction considerations required, tools, and even risks related to plumbing and electric installations.  This said, there is no substitute for experience and this is where we bring value to the table to ensure that even the most complex remodeling projects are executed to your and our satisfaction..



Where does ServiceBeaver operate?

We remodel and improve bathrooms in Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, Trophy Club, Westlake, Eastlake, Roanoke, Watauga, Saginaw, Coppell, Bedford, Euless, Hurst, Haltom City, Lewisville, North Richland Hills, Grapevine, Fort Worth, Haslet, Denton, Dallas, Carrollton, Arlington, Plano, Garland, Mansfield, Frisco, among other cities. If your city is not listed please contact us and we will discuss alternatives with you.

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